One of the few known cures for Llama syndrome
by Aratos August 23, 2003
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Top Definition
To be banned from an online forum for no other reason than breaking all the rules
My name's Beagle
I'm the man
You've been banned
For too much SPAM..
by The Masked Avenger December 11, 2003
The act of having your anus licked by a beagle during coitus.
Example: "Last night I got beagled when having sex with the missus!"
#rim job #bestiality #accident #coitus interruptus #freaks
by Soothsayer3413 August 01, 2014
To be very slow and lethargic
I'm totally beagled
#tired #lazy #lethargic #sleepy #idle
by Thebeaglehaslanded April 29, 2010
One of the only known cures for Llama Syndrome
by Aratos August 23, 2003
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