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gingerman, owner of thecorpse.com

see heatholder
benno is ginger, he leaves red hairs in the shower.
by kyle October 05, 2004
14 35
a god with super-human appearances, damn sexy and amazing at like, everythin, kicks muchos ass, true.
i wish i was a BeNnO
by er August 26, 2003
67 19
aussie slang for benefit money (welfare money)
Stevo hurt his feelings at work and now collects bennos cause hes a lazy fuck
by antonio negrito May 11, 2014
1 0
someone who repeatedly says something which I think is a sly dig at me
it's strawberry blonde
by Afrodizirex February 21, 2005
8 28
Shemale whose nads stink of smeg.
A sick person who buggers all kinds of furry animals.
EEeeeeeeeeeew smells like a Benn0 tbh =(
OMG don't you go all Benn0 on me
by Eric August 27, 2003
21 43