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Same as "Jesus", 'cept ghetto. The lips don't flap round
those consonants sometimes like they do fo' white fo'ks.

"Help me, BeJebus!"
by UCSteve July 17, 2009
A muse/radiohead esque band who sent me a free e.p. in the post.
I'm going to listen to some Bejebus.
by Jimboblious November 19, 2008
the above character was incorrect, it is actually an antonym for baracas.
you dont fuck your mom and shit on her chest, your a bejebus (rather than a baracas)
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
synonym for the original term baracas which literally means "to fuck ones own mother and shit on her chest"
you mean to say youve never tried a baracas before? david loves it.
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
bejebus ramsacks his mam.. eats her shit and drinks her piss day and night and he enjoys it..
give me a bejebus nick
by Fort Mac January 15, 2003
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