the term often used to describe the sick barrells that happen at orewa. bazz is mastered and often ridden by the gang known as "the bazz boyz".
did you see the bazz boys getting bazz today?
of course i did they get so much bazz they loose their suntan
by tribazzatops October 26, 2010
Top Definition
The almighty Bazz is the most Bad Ass Warrior on US- Turalyon Server. People bow down when he walks in Dalaran. Bazz is the GM of the Best guild in the world, Fusion.

Bazz is amazing
OMG Bazz makes me cream my pants
by Bazz lover January 26, 2010
A fine english man. frequent tea, fine humour and lots of non-sense. A raging alcoolic, or "party type of guy" as he'd most likely say.
"-Bazz, are you drun again?
-I swear to drunk i'm not god!"
by Gutyreader December 21, 2003
The quick way to identify an action, something, or someone as "badass". When people hear you speak "bazz" they assume you just said "badass" rather hurriedly, when in fact you did say "bazz". Anyone who is "bazz" can pull off some slick sh**, and in some cases they are a person you would not want to mess with. Often this person will do things the rest of us only dream of (i.e. driving an M1 Abrams tank) or would never dare do (i.e. Zidane headbutting Materazzi). A bazz will always man up (i.e. Bear Grylls eating raw meat off a zebra). They are respected, and garner the respect of the population around them for being bazz. If you ever watch the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf, you will utter "bazz" everytime Mani comes to screen.
Damn, that guy just caught a shark, what a bazz!

Dude you should check out the 2001 Ducati 996, that moto is so bazz.
by Mzlnkabwlr May 10, 2008
An item used to scrape dried, unflushed menstruation from the vaginal wall.
Have you seen my Bazz? I can't find it anywhere.
by Some Average Guy January 27, 2010
A general term for anyone when you can't remember their name or can't be arsed saying it. Can be used under any circumstance but it MUST NOT be used more than three times during a conversation.
Alreet Bazz
by DomJacko June 09, 2010
'Bazz' or 'Bass' meaning badazz/ass. Really cool, dank, awesome.
'Yo girl, I got these bazz shoes up in Payless fo 5 bills.'
by FloeticBeast November 25, 2011
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