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Malay term generally used across Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore for:
1. a 'baby'.
2. a North Indian or 'Bhaiyya', whether Punjabi, Hindustani, Rajasthani or Bengali. Synonymous with 'Orang Benggali' ('Bengali person' or 'Indo-Aryan person'). Malay carefully distinguishes the Indo-Aryan from the Dravidian, terming the latter 'Ah Neh' or 'Keling'.

Derived from 'Bhai' (North Indo-Aryan word meaning 'brother'), the Malay derivative is naturally applicable to a speaker of any language which contains this word, incl. Punjabi, Hindustani, Rajasthani & Bengali. Thus, it is clear that this term is not derogatory or insulting, as some ideologues claim, for it is derived from an Indo-Aryan word itself.

Meanwhile, Punjabi Jokes & Sardarji Jokes which are popular in N. India have been transferred to the Greater Malay Archipelago, where 'Bayi Jokes' (centring on the adventures of Bayi Singh, Bayi Khan or Bayi Kapoor) are the Malay counterparts of Santa Banta Jokes & Punjabiji Jokes.
1) Ah Mat (pinching Punjabiji): Bayi what colour?
Banta Singh: My turban is blue! Aiyo! Now let me go!

2) Q: Why did Bayi go to a movie with his 18 friends?
A: Because below 18 not allowed lah !

3) Q: Why Bayi always compares photocopy with original document?
A: He look for spelling mistakes lah!

3) Ah Chong: Those Bayis so jealous of those blackie Kelings lah!
Ah Beng: Yah, they really hate them! Call them niggers lah!

4) "As the three characters accuse one another of backstabbing & betraying their clique, they hurl aspersions
founded on racial stereotypes, using such derogatory terms as 'bayi singh' and 'cheena babi'." 'Malaysia and Singapore: experiences in Industrialization & Urban Development' eds. Boon Hiok Lee, K. S. Susan Oorjitham. Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya, 1993, p 361.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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