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Baylife is a phrase people put at the end of forum and blog posts to show they are from San Francisco Bay but have moved to NYC and are open to beating the living shit out of you in game and irl. Bros only.
I saw Reginald put Baylife at the end of his LoL post hating on whatever the fuck he pleases because he is Reginald. We are going to throw down at the pier later. I am incredibly scared.
by UMADBRO February 26, 2012
A mini series on Youtube, created by "samfuller", which is about a white Jewish kid in Berkeley who acts like he's ghetto. It's not real, but it be hella funny!
Hella Gay Person: Bay life be hella gay man!

Me (cool person): Naw man Bay Like be hella sick!

Hella Gay Person: *bang bang.... and dies


I.e: Bia Bia; Too Hyphy; Bus Stop; Thizz Dance; Hella Gay
by UnknownCUnt July 13, 2009