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Bay Head, a small, Normal Rockwellesque town on the New Jersey shore. Established in the 1800's, it serves as a priviledged oasis for the classy, wealthy set to summer. Not yet disturbed by the masses (like it's New York counterpart - the Hamptons), it seeks to remain excluded by refusing to install public bathrooms and severely limiting parking. Bay Headers are easily identified by their Lily Pulitzer, Vineyard Vine attire - generally speaking: the pinker or greener the better. Bay Headers like to the live the good, simple life: biking, tennis, evening cocktails, and barbeques. This simple life, however, comes with a high price. The main stretch of Bay Head, East Avenue -located directly on the ocean, is where the multi-million dollar mansions are located. This is where the most wealthy and worshipped live, followed by the those on the bay. If you do not have enough money for a home on either of these two locations, you strive to have a home as close to the ocean as possible (no point in being close to the bay if you aren't docking your boat on it outside your home.) While Bay Head is hopping in the summer (full families on weekends, wives and their children only during the weekdays while the hardworking dads go make the money in NYC), there are a few locals in the area living in BH year round. These people are mostly ignored by those who count - the rich, summer set. Bay Head Yacht Club counts most of the wealthy of Bay Head as it's members.
Hey! Let's go stay at your parents house in Bay Head this summer.

Great. Let me find my bright green pants!
by Jean Heather August 11, 2008
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