black and white bandits they have a dolphin bracelet which brings luck like no other some the leaders are black one is white not to be confused with barbie
Hey look at the badasses over there

I heard they are called the bawb

Lets go guys there coming this way
by 1leaderbob September 09, 2012
Acronym, literally meaning "Broke Ass White Boy" or "Broke Ass White Bitch," usually referring to a caucasian individual who grew up in a stereotypical black neighborhood or a ghetto.
Gangster #1: Dat whitey's tryin' to be a P.I.M.P.
Gangster #2: Yuh but we knows dat he be nuttin' but a B.A.W.B.
Ganster #1: Fo' sheezy.
by SuL November 24, 2003
Some crazy nut from EFNet who explodes ducks and sends Ultimate Hans to Mars.
Man, that Bawb is one duck-exploding consumer freedom advocate.
by solo-1 January 20, 2004
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