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Spanish RPG created at 1983-89 and developed at 1996. Complete name was "Balada A Un Mundo Futuro" (Ballad of a future world), also known as "Lost Planet" or "(Renticoquam)".
Niel, a BAUMF hippie male character, increases his stamina with a regeneration magic lentils; according the rules, they take effect after four step instances.
by baumf August 05, 2011

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Big Ass Ugly Mother Fucker. A deragatory word used for Somoans and/or anyone of pacific islander descent.
Guy1: Man fuck that samoan bitch!
Guy2: Dude shut up, those Baumfs will fuck you up!
by Codename: 47 January 28, 2004
Big ass ugly mother fucker. A Samoan.
Baumfs like to wear dresses.
by Edubb February 04, 2004