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The hour in which Jack Bauer graces the Fox Network in the form of 24.
Dude, 10 minutes to Bauer Hour!
by Nina's dead April 27, 2006
Another name for the hit show 24. It is called this because of the show's main character, Jack Bauer, who is a counter terrorist agent sometimes for CTU (unless he's busy going dark, faking his death, etc.).
Bauer Hour is from 9 pm to 10 pm on mondays.
by danny_boy April 28, 2006
Any time when you're busting skulls and taking names.
Ronny and I were on the wrong side of the tracks when two guys with knives demanded our wallets. He took one look at them and said, "It's Bauer Hour," then proceeded to beat them to a bloody pulp. Too bad they didn't know he's a big UFC enthusiast.
by Wa1la Wa1la March 09, 2009
The hour of the week that Jack Bauer flex's his muscle and "24" is on the air!
I'll be over at Nick and Teri's for "Bauer Hour" tomorrow night!
or "Bauer Hour" rocked the other night!
by MagnetDude March 13, 2010
Much like a power hour. Whilst watching 24, drink shots of beer whenever the show is playing, and smoke weed during commericials. Completion of a bauer hour does not make you Jack Bauer, and anyone claiming that they are him, or have become him, must be rideculed for being a feltcher.
Guy 1: Dude I just did a fucking bauer hour. I'm fucking Jack Bauer.

Guy 2: No your fucking not. Jack Bauer would kill you for saying so. Eat shit and die you fucking feltcher.

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