When Legendary Dark Knight dresses like a Bat to invoke fear in his enemies gives the ultimate form of sexual climax that gives woman an explosive feeling similar to a sexual eruption feeling that releases all the rapture, sensual flow of love, tender and romantic feelings and fiery passion hidden deep beneath the layers of the soul in a single go. .The feeling of being embraced in muscular arms and loved The connecting of two people's souls through two people's bodies, as one. When there is no stronger way to express your love than sexual intimacy. That is the true meaning of a Batgasm
Avy Priya : I met batman last night.

Samantha : i see , so anything happened ?

Avy Priya : yeah he gave me a Batgasm !

Samantha :-drools-...u are blessed by the gods !
by Cupcke27 January 02, 2012
Top Definition
The feeling one receives at the end of the Dark Knight Rises.
John: "Dude, that Batman movie last night totally rocked my world! I felt like Christopher Nolan was blowing my mind with his brain baby the entire time!"
Neil: "You, sir, have achieved the Batgasm."
by Funky_Hot_Jesus July 21, 2012
When a quote from a Batman movie, comic or television show is inserted into a conversation seamlessly, a "Bat-Gasm" has occurred.
Person 1 - Hey buddy, do you have the $20 you owe me?
Person 2 - Sorry, I'm flat broke at the moment
Person 1 - Sure you are. Give me my money!
Person 2 - I don't have any. I swear to god.
Person 1 - "SWEAR TO ME!!!"

This is a Bat-Gasm
by Bruce Robert March 29, 2010
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