1. A more potent form of "bitch" the presence of the "a" facilitates repeating the insult many times over, causing much mental anguish.
2. Anemic creature with lewd, malicious intentions that grows in batches on "batch trees" Each batch secretes "batch juices" that are quite unpleasant.
3.A slang term to describe a load of semen. Also known as man chowder, baby batter, nut, etc.
1. Batch!! Where's my dinner?
2. That batch came from a bad batch, I can smell the batch juices a mile away!
3. When I couldn't hold off any longer, I dropped a fat batch right in her eye!
by the dude September 04, 2003
Something very cool.
"I just did a triple back flip on skis!"
"wow dude thats batch as hell"
by ikilledkenny21x August 13, 2006
can be used instead of bitch
She is such a batch
by Wiz0220 July 24, 2003
Batch: A mixed word of bitch and bastard. which calls a person a hermaphrodyte bitch and bastard all in one. The perfect insult
That rollerblader is a batch.
by T_Man March 24, 2007
A bad word that is used to describe a boy or a girl. Derived from the words Bitch/bastard
OMG Bob is being such a batch and is acting like his dick just got shoved up his ass
by Deed August 15, 2003
Something that has been produced on a mass scale, and therefore loses any coolness it might have had, basically somethin that is totally shit.
His car is proper batch
by micky finn March 05, 2007
the people you are with, 'Your crew'
1) i iz wif ma batch
2) i iz repin ma batch
by babi-solja December 26, 2005
to cook meth
1. They are going to batch.
2. Is this batch any good?
by dakota bongwater February 07, 2004

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