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Used to describe something that has been put into a bitched or perverted form.
Protestantism is a bastardized form of Christanity.
by GuidoPosse69 February 07, 2005
Extremely distorted. No longer resembling the idea presented by the original.
The bastardized photo showed me having sex with a monkey.
by Zo, Joose, and Jeff March 20, 2003
1.The state of being after being made increasingly and unnecessarily lame.
2. A dumbing down or perversion of the original to twisted ideals.
Dude, have you noticed how Disney has bastardized so many good stories?
by Ford Prefect November 09, 2003
a bastardly way; when sounds bastardly or bastard like
What she said just then was so bastardized.
by Nicollet December 08, 2008
1.) the act of impregnating a woman and leaving and having no contact withthe family or child (ah I've created yet another bastardized child)
2.) when a acqaintance does something really shady ( screw that asshole and his bastardized ways)
I came up with a bastardized plan to nut in all my bosses drawers.
by hot carl November 24, 2003