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The process of manually weaving baskets.
Dale Gribble wasn't very good at basket-weaving, so he quit.
by goldenchocolate December 28, 2009
2 0
Masterbating technique with both hands and your fingers interlaced.
I was at a boring party, so i decided to start basket weaving for entertainment.
by Basket Weaver May 23, 2006
40 17
When a slut bag uses both her hands in an up and down spiral motion to jerk off the PENIS
I will basket weave your ardavrk until the foreskin falls off.
by Balzar May 10, 2005
26 30
When two people are having sex and their pubic hair get tangeled together.
Me and my wife had sex and ended up basket weaving.
by T.R.O.R April 13, 2011
6 14