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When your super mega stoned wasted and a little bit drunken- boozed, you are "Baseted"
"I thoroughly enjoy the euphoric sensation of puffing on a extremely large eloquently hand-crafted organic outdoor raised delightfully pungent female skunk filled 2 paper spliff then endevouring to throw-back a few Patron Silver's, it's a crystal clear, pure ultra-premium tequila.Soft and light, characterized by a fresh, smooth taste, without the flavor of oak. Delicious neat or on the rocks, Patron Silver is also the perfect ingredient to a mixed cocktail or margarita. So in conclusion of my statement the combanation of the juicy two papery and smooth simultaneous shots of tequila have put me in a state where I feel quite Baseted!"

Gary mumbled to a passer-by in his attempt to aquire a dollar for the "bus".
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