Ultimate stoner hang out
Man me and jack went to my basement and smoked some weed
by The open minded metal listener January 31, 2011
A great place to hold people hostage. Also known as where Poot Lavato was held for years
Poot was stuck in the basement for years.
by claderr December 24, 2015
It's like upstairs, but downstairs. You can do things here that you can't do in your living room.
I was smoking crack in my basement. It's much better than doing it in my living room.
by bababooey93 July 19, 2014
A Room located underneath the house. Can be under ground. This makes it cool in the summer. It may be damp and usually the main power source is located here.
Hey Ellie lets go down to the basement. Its hot today so we can be cool in the basement.

Yeahman We can take Matt and Conor and we can get off with them on go on the computer!! :)
by Kattud. December 22, 2008
A nonchalant way of referring to a man's genitals.
"I wonder if his basement would fit in her downstairs."

"Do you think he has carpets in his basement?"
by Codari April 17, 2011
The most bi-polar room in your house. When the lights on you get to chill, have some nice sex with your girl, drink your ass off with your friends and your parents will never know. But when you turn the lights off...GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE!
"Yo dude, I was havin sex with my girl in the basement right?"

"No way dude, thats ILL!"

"Yeah it was ILL! Wasn't it? but then I bumped the light switch...SHIT GOT DARK! We ran outta there so fast we forgot our clothes and my parents were right there."

"Well shit man, what's worse? Your parents or the fuckin shit that happens when those lights go out."

by Scoregasm January 10, 2012
the kind of person who hates anything even slightly mainstream and chooses to have a 100% underground life!
im basement and im fucking proud of it!
by i forgot December 17, 2003

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