A compound word of bollocks or balls and arse. Which is handy 'cos that's where it is as well.

See also Gooch
"Damn it! I wish I hadn't cut my finger-nails so short, I can't get a decent purchase to scratch my barse!"
by Anonymous April 14, 2003
Top Definition
the bit between yer bollocks and yer arse.
she kicked me right in the barse!
by [D] Mr Cream T October 14, 2003
1. The region between a man's ballsack and his arse.
1. Man have you seen Rhona's pimply barse? It's got tentacles and it's always oozing and suppurating. Apart from those flaky bits. It's a festering mess down there.
by ladladboiboi September 07, 2010
In Scientific terms, 'The Perineum', the region of the body inferior to the pelvic diaphragm and between the legs.

Slang term, from the county of Wexford, Ireland:

1. Space between the balls and arse (may be used to refer to the same space of the female gender irrespective of the practical absence of a scrotum)

2. Term of abuse.
1. She did a hand stand, I placed my chin on her barse to see if a beard would suit me.

2.'You may kiss my dead uncle's barse'
by Ivor Big-one January 06, 2008
The Barse is the area on a male body between the balls and the arse. In America it is known as the guch (spelling?). But we're not in America.

The barse is a relatively useless part of the body, a bit like the appendix, and is paid little to no attention until you get barse rash.
Hey you bastard, you hit me in my barse"
by Stolen Glory April 24, 2007
The bit between your balls and your arse.
My barse is itchy. The skin between your balls and arse is irritated.
by Lioness75 October 11, 2007
When someone's arse is just an extension of their back, when it has no shape to it and isn't really a bottom at all.
Tayquandra: Omg Chris' Arse is Soooo flat it's just like his back ends at his legs!

Shawndria: Shit Girl! Chris has got a Barse!
by MaidenHaste81 June 22, 2016
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