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A very sexy male who is usually good at sports, video games, cooking, and sex.
Serious or kidding? He's totally a Barron.

That dude is totally a Barron!

I never thought you would be with a Barron like that...

Never underestimate the power of the Barron.
by Lil.R. March 14, 2010
81 85

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barron (v.) - To release excess douche water during receptive anal sex.
Last night I barroned all over the sheets and had to run to the laundry room at 3 a.m.
by @ChrisRBarron March 11, 2011
87 45
a player, womanizer, and heart breaker. one who makes you feel good when you're with him then hurts you every other time. but it's not just you, there are many other women.
you're being a barron!
by lawlzies12345 November 11, 2010
70 42
If a girl: One whom every guy wants. She's a bro in her own sexy way, she enjoys sports and hardcore intercourse. She's got nice tits but not much of an ass, but her beautiful face makes up for it.

If a boy: Stupid asshole that no one likes, thinks he can get bitches when he can't. He thinks he's a bro. He will never be a bro.
Look at that pussy, he's a barron.

Is she watching sports?! She's such a Barron!
by ThePM May 31, 2011
15 18