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Boston slang meaning Trash can
Hey Pete, can ya throw those shoes in the barrel for me?
by Jacyra October 17, 2005
26 31
A barrel is PewDiePie's worst enemy. Barrels work on the dark side in most video games PewDiePie plays. They set him up for death.
"BARRELS! Why are you hiding over here?"

by KacyLovesPewds November 13, 2012
112 49
The hollow section of a breaking wave. Also known as tube, pipe, close-out, dumper.
"Dude, did you see my barrel?"
by Samus January 13, 2005
66 29
An object or person of great frustration that blocks your way, makes you mad or is empty on the inside and fat on the outside/callous.
Introduced by PewDiePie: famous youtube star with over 2.5 million "Bros"
Random hipster: OMG Guys stop being such a bunch of barrels.

Other hipster: You know what.... you guys are barrels... deal with it!
by ANON (Trystan) November 11, 2012
37 17
1. the tube-like part of a wave.
(barrelled) 2.surf-term in which a surfer rides inside of the tube-like part of the wave.
1. "Dude, that's a wicked sick barrel on that wave."
2. "Did you see me get barrelled man.
by Bar-rel April 22, 2003
42 22
The worst thing ever. Used as an insult towards other people.
"Wow, what a barrel."
"She is such a barrel"
by Ecir May 23, 2012
29 11
A Container or vessel commonly used to safeguard gold coins, potions or magical weapons of unimaginable power. It is a close relative of the Crate which is the updated version.
Did you see where I left my keys?

Its probably in that barrel over there.
by artbug July 11, 2013
6 3
A keg, or any large container of alcohol (such as a handle). Usually said with a hold on the el.
Trent: Where's the barrelllll?
by DanTheMizan March 07, 2006
15 17