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Large breasts.
God damn, her sweater meat is flying everywhere since she stopped wearing bras.
by Samus October 30, 2003
The hollow section of a breaking wave. Also known as tube, pipe, close-out, dumper.
"Dude, did you see my barrel?"
by Samus January 13, 2005
the gang from Paramount, California is stands for East Side Paramount.
Damn dog! you saw that drive by?!?!
It was ESp and the Bloods!
by Samus October 28, 2004
a cool ass online game with over 100,000 players registered
a cool online game u should join
by samus June 12, 2004
All good until they turned with JZ fukin now they suck balls. Hybrid Theory what cool, but now it is just pure rap Bull shit
by Samus February 19, 2005
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