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As in the anime show Shin Chan (aka Crayon Shin Chan). Involves pulling down your pants, revealing your bare butt and dancing.
"Do the bare butt boogie, your mom gives you a noogie!".
by Gord-Chan January 17, 2006
This term could be used to describe the action in which Subject A pulls down their pants to reveal a bare ass, and then does some sort of dance-motion whilst Subject B screams profusely and throws objects at Subject A's arse.
Doing the beyonce dance in a thong and tank top.. in front of your enraged mother.
by Schitzy June 09, 2005
To bare your bum (or flip a moonie) to a passerby and give it a jiggle whilst you are at it
Dammit, I had to stop Al from doing the bare butt boogie at all those chinese tourists yesterday
by Little Miss Mayonnaise June 02, 2005
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