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Used to describe a female barber. Some may think this description should fall under stylist. This, however, is not the case. A stylist charges $65 for a male haircut and usually super cool, super awesome dudes go to these places.

A barbress is a friendly gal who cuts your hair for $18, includes a shampoo and a head massage, as well as provides a very unpretentious aura. The barbress shop is an extremely laid back location where the all american boy next door can get a haircut without paying too much for a stylist or being yelled at by a barber.

A barbress is a true american who works hard for her tips, cuts a hell of a hair blade, and can always relate to her client. A barbress is not a stylist...she is a female barber...she is a barbress.
My barbress is awesome, she remembers my name and exactly how I like it cut every time. She is a fabulous barbress.
by BrosIcingBros July 01, 2010
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