When a group of 4 guys get together to groom each others' pubic hair.
"Hey what are you doing later this afternoon?"

"Nothing really."

"Why don't we call Ben and Evan over for a little party?"

"Great idea, but I need to set aside some time to clip my ball hair."

"Dude, no worries. Have them over and we can just have a little Barbershop Quartet."
by Rankle November 25, 2011
Top Definition
A very awesome group of four men who each sing a different part (Tenor Lead Bari Bass) and do not, contrary to popular belief, wear striped vests and those weird hats. they are part of the barbershop harmony society. Some of the best quartets in the world are Ringmasters (from Sweden), Musical Island Boys (from New Zealand), OC Times (from US and 2008 international quartet champions), Vocal Spectrum, Monkey Magic, Happiness Emporium and Crossroads (from US and 2009 international quartet champions). Also the Dapper Dans of disneyland are a quartet
Wow, that barbershop quartet is the coolest most awesome thing I've ever heard!!!
by Clary Fray July 22, 2009
A four man version of a trim. In this case, participants are arranged in a square formation. Brings a whole new meaning to going to the barbers for a trim.
We were off for a trim, but Luke came along and stuck his tongue out, and we couldn't resist a barber shop quartet.
by StrangleWheeeyyy December 20, 2011
Similar to the "Abe Lincoln", the barbershop quartet involves an individual or a group of individuals ejaculating into the face of the "victim" before having a bag of pre trimmed pubic hair thrown onto the victim's defiled face. The men then procede to quickly don red and white striped hats and sing a brief song in four part harmony. In situations with only one man present, friends need to be called in and hidden before the act, ready to jump out to accompany their buddy.
Rob: Holy shit, she sure was surprised when you guys came out of the closet when I hit her with that bag of pubes.

Tony: Yeah, and Carl's soprano was fantastic!

John: That sure was one barbershop quartet for the books.
by Kalem December 28, 2007
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