Steel wire in coils of a few inches to a foot that have twisted barbs of loose ends sticking out with the intent to harm anyone who attempts to cross it.

Also a movie with Pamela anderson.
Don't call me babe.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
Top Definition
A sex move invented by Alex Dunleive, in which you put ur hand in the spock position, but cross the two pairs of fingers together
the barbed wire is one freak nasty move
by ceebz July 12, 2004
When a man proceeds to cross his index finger and his middle finger together adn his pinky and ring finger together, and places is index and middle into a girls vagina and ths index and pinky in the anas. then u move it up and down and left and rigt
dude u know John? he gives a sick barbed wire, his girlfriend told me
by k-trizzle May 01, 2006
The great tasting beer of QLD, XXXX . Gets its name as the four X's looks like a barbed wire.
"G'day mate get us a barbed wire will ya"
"No worries mate, gold or bitter?"
"Red heavy mate I'm charging!"
by Kryzz July 02, 2013
A form of fingering a broad when you cross your pointer finger and middle finger and then crossing your ring and pinky and shoving one into the vagina and one in her asshole.
oh yeah i gave shannon that barbed wire last night and she took it like a champ!
by shocker pro May 04, 2010
The defence that a girl puts in place to protect herself from being touched intimately.
Katzy wants to get it on with Sophie but he's scared of the barbed wire....
by KDR June 27, 2006
<noun> The 'Net handle of the worlds sexiest Admin.

<meaning> The untangable x-factor by which all existance is measured and displayed to the human eye.
Hot Girl: "Gee whizz i wish i was BarbedWire's lover."
Hot Girl 2: "He would totally do me over you."
Ugly Girl: "I am sad because i'm ugly."
by Barbie November 25, 2003
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