Barbara refers to Xanax, a commonly used recreational drug. Often sold as “bars."
Guy 1: Hey dude, you got any barbara’s?

Guy 2: Yeah I got about 4 xannies left.
by Vacent1408 April 08, 2014
Barbara is beautiful, kind and funny. She never fails to disappoint. she likes to express herself through interpretive dance. She enjoys wooley jumpers and floral leggings. She needs to buy a hairbrush.
Oh look there's Barbara walking down the street.
by moira joley-ross October 22, 2013
Bárbara means a freaky "disease" that afects the sexuality. Be Bárbara is a new road, experts say that this thing had already reached europe. This way of life always has green eyes, light skin and female body. The shocking part is that this "people" feel sexual attractions with electricity cables, when they put a cable inside their bodies, besides suporting the electricity, they feel pleasure, they feel pleasure equivalent to 500 g of cocaine.
"Women": Hello, can you help me to find a electricity store?
Other person: Hello, Bárbara.
by Doctor Jay Oaj May 23, 2013
Noun. Relating to Barbara - A person of extreme clumsiness, jumpiness, or stupidity

Verb. To do a 'Barbara' - This is to do or say something that is eaither completely ill advised or clumsy, often as a result of actions to which you have given little or no though.
hahahahahaha, that person over there just did a barbara, did you see??

No, what happened?

He was too busy talking and not paying attention to where he was going, so tripped over a chair and landed on his arse
by Roy_Royston November 23, 2012
n. Slang term for cunt.
Your girlfriend is such a Barbara. She did not appreciate my name change to Raven.
by Michael "Raven" Bloom December 12, 2010
A girl named barbara never called me back. So now it in our vocabulary when a person does not call you back you call it a "barbara".

Yo dont do a barbara on me. Y u barbara on me.
by jezzonne September 04, 2007

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