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Fear of an African-American President.
Hilary Clinton Supporter: "Barack Obama has no experience!"

Psychiatrist: "I'm afraid you have a mild case of Baracknophobia..."
by Jessica Poolt February 13, 2008
A fear of four more years.
"I cannot vote for Barack Obama again in 2012, I have Baracknophobia - A fear of four more years."
by HardTimes July 27, 2012
The irrational fear of hope. Refers to Barack Obama. Usually refers not to policy differences with Barack Obama but to believing unproven Internet rumors (that he's a Muslim, that he wants to enslave white people, etc.).
"I don't have Baracknophobia. He's a Muslim!"--Anonymous Grandmother
by JohnJF July 10, 2008
The irrational fear of hope; the irrational fear that behind the mild-mannered facade, Barack Obama is intent on enslaving the white race.

The sickness manifests itself mostly through rumor, often in the form of the only E-mail your grandmother has ever been able to successfully forward.
Barack Obama has lady parts! NO. Baracknophobia.
by jbaunach June 17, 2008
The jealousy and/or fear of successful black people.
Billy Bob always locked his doors when driving down to Tyrone's house despite the fact that the latter lived in a mansion, was better educated and made significantly more money. His doctor correctly diagnosed him with "Baracknophobia."
by Keko Jones August 12, 2011
The fear by unreasoning Americans that Barack Obama, a black man, will become their next president and bring something good back to the country.
Bush and McCain Republicans, wishing to remain in Iraq indefinitely, suffer from extreme Baracknophobia.
by Ken L. June 04, 2008
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