The 1st black president. He was elected based on a concept of changing the political nature of the US government. However, since being elected, he has shown no change whatsoever from the way that things have always been. In actuality, his public comments have been strikingly similar to those of George W. Bush.
Is that George Bush or Barack Obama? It's kinda hard to tell...
by shakemonster2000 March 12, 2009
A radical, left wing, anti-America, socialist running for president who threatens to undermine the American family and the American way of life with liberal policies.
-Barack Obama is sadly, often mistaken by less intelligent Americans as a "good presidential candidate"
I dun gunna vote fer that there Barack Obama, on acounta i aint never been to no schoolin and i don't know any of his dag nam policies, Plus im lazy and poor with no morals so i vote democrat. YEEEHaaWWWWW!!
by Ryan McClure February 12, 2008
Yet another 'Progressive', progressing us towards socialism. This Islamist Presidential candidate supports re-distribution of wealth, gutting the military, killing babies, and shitting all over traditional Judeo-Chirstian values. He is very popular amoung the kook-fringe of the Democratic Party who also hate their own country. He draws much fund raising and support from Hollywood and other shitheads that are completely unqualified to vote due to room-temperature-like IQ's. If elected, will most likely be the 5th US President assassinated.
Barack Obama will not wear the flag on his lapel, not will he recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
by Jugghead22 February 13, 2008
Turning America into Finland day by day.
Yup... Barack Obama wants high taxes and drunks and weed and having people sit in saunas all the time, along with high suicide
by kyle230 April 21, 2010
The president of the United States of America. Apparently he has been to all 57 states of this beautiful nation. He will also be celebrating cuatro de mayo with the Mexican-Americans this year. He told America during the election that he doesn't believe in big spending, and we can all see how long that lasted. Yeah, took less than a year to spend more than any other president in history. Sent millions of dollars to abortion clinics in OTHER COUNTRIES as one of his first actions as president. Is the only American citizen who's birth certificate isn't accessible to the public. Is a skinny punk, has high colesterol, and smokes. Yet, he is depicted as a health expert by American media. His supporters claim he wasn't elected because he is black, and yet that's all they ever talk about. His supporters almost never know anything about his policies, and they were all tricked into thinking he was going to make them rich with his Obama money. Still not sure where they got this idea though, maybe they thought because he was black he was going to "help a brotha out".
Lets put Barack Obama on the front of Men's Health Magazine. He probably only weighs 120 and my 5 year old has bigger biceps. Oh Sweet! He smokes too! We've known for years that those cancer sticks are more than terrible for your health. You know, I'd love to have a president that's addicted to drugs even though we know the terrible effects of ciggarettes in the 21st century. Dude! He's ashamed of his white herritage and legally got his name changed in honor of his Muslim extremist father that left him, yet he thinks he's great and his white mom sucks. It would be even cooler if someone read a white bashing poem at his innaugeration.
by 1993man March 10, 2010
1. The most recent president of the United States, has had no experience in war, politics, not and American citizen and risen through popularity and mass hysteria.

2. The name of Satan's child, mixed with the souls of all the most evil people in the world in a new package and a different color of skin. Many conservatives and Aryan Nations leaders claim he is the "black hitler" waiting to happen.

3. The Jesus of all communists, and a master brainwashing expert.

4. Illegal Immigrant revolutionary.

See also communist, socialist, liberal, antichrist, idiot, liar, democrat, Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin.
Example 1:

Person A: You didn't vote for Barack Obama, you must be a racist!

Person B: What?

Example 2:

Obama: Yes we can!

Crowd: Goes wild.

Obama: Democrats, Republicans, Independants ENOUGH!!

Crowd: Goes wilder.
by Satanic Philosopher May 24, 2009
Hell in america. Doesn't say the pledge, got rid, of the flag on Air Force One, most important, WASN'T BORN IN AMERICA! He hates America!
(At a speech)
Barack Obama: Okay, thank you! Once again, if you elect me, i'll bring change to this country! Good night!

(At his home)
Barack Obama: Damn, I can't take it anymore! I need to win so I can take control of this fucky country!
by mdoublec January 12, 2010
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