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the inexperience hunk of crap who got elected soley by the color of his skin altho his ingorant people claim to be fully against judging by the color of their skin...wait...wait... isnt that how this moron got elected? by the color of his skin? O yeah! isnt that cute?! theyre hypocrites as well as uneducated! awww <3
that hobo is as qualified to perform brain surgery as barack obama is to run a country

inept unqualified hypocrite color elected
by tomvann May 24, 2010
A pun implying that Barack Obama is Irish. This sight gag has bonus irony because he really is partly Irish, by way of his maternal great-great-grandmother Mary Kearney.
Happy St Patty's Day, Barack O'Bama!
by Frankie1969 March 31, 2008
Our only hope for a black president.
Bill Clinton was the closest to a black president, but Barack Obama is ACTUALLY black and our only hope.
by woobie October 08, 2005
The 44th President of the United States. Born in Hawaii in 1962 to a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya. Attended Harvard Law School, became a community organizer in Chicago and later served as a state senator and U.S. senator from Illinois. Inaugurated January 20, 2009, succeeding President George W. Bush. A Democrat.
Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States.
by Billy Frank February 09, 2009
A man who came into office with a lot of good ideas, but ran face first into a veritable wall of shit trying to implement them in a system that is rife with shit.

Obama's healthcare reform was watered down, and the individual mandate added to appease Republiturds, but still not a single turd voted for the bill. Obama has extended many such olive branches to his political adversaries in a genuine but (imo) misguided effort at bipartisanship only to be bitten by the party of tear down Obama at all costs, even if it means tearing down the rest of the country with him.

Barack Obama actually has delivered on some of his promises, and while it may seem easy to bash him for not doing enough, presidents do not possess dictatorial powers and are largely beholden to the pit of dysfunction and corruption known as congress. There is a reason congress' job approval rating is at 9%. If you want change, start with your representative or senator.
Despite the foul odor cast upon his presidency by the right-wing bullshit machine, Barack Obama actually has a good shot at winning re-election in 2012. As polarizing a figure as he is, he will look like Gandhi compared to whatever sideshow clown the Republicans offer up.

Also, for those who have not yet figured it out - the top definition of Barack Obama, written by KEEPin It REAL, can be disregarded. This author, who also goes by the pseudonym ABSOLUTEs, uses voting bots to vote thousands of times on his own and other equally absurd definitions, and this same deranged, xenophobic, ultra-Christian ignoranteer has single-handedly vandalized many other pages on UD such as evolution, liberal, obama, and birther to name a few. Yet another instance of right-wingers having to cheat to get ahead.
by Blues_Warrior22 November 22, 2011
The best president in the whole damn world and a sick dancer
person 1: barack obama is sick!
person 2: ino! and he can do the single ladies better than beyonce
by ...") April 18, 2009
A careful, meticulous swindler, who used behavioral psychologists and computer programmers to calculate every move in his campaign. Utilized the Iowa caucass in order to gain a big lead. Used his skin color to manipulate a nation.

Promised hope, change, and lower taxes from the onset.

Now gives us change.

A brilliant scheming mind, and our 44th President. Undoubtably a good man, undoubtably a genious... but in 100 days, he show he is undoubtably not a good leader.
"What's the difference between Simba the Lion and Barack Obama?"

A. "Ones and African Lion, and the other's a lyin' African."
by USMarineLeutenant May 23, 2009