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Someone who you know you can depend on to do something... but just not doing it in time. A baraa will always be there for you in your time of need and will talk to you when you have issues. Talking and comforting is one thing the baraa seems to be good at but the problem arises when a favor is asked of him. A baraa is a very lovable and lazy person and will often deny it (the lazy part). He has no sense of urgency. A baraa will take hours to take a dump in the bathroom and will always keep his friends waiting for him. He/she will always forget to do what is asked of them and will have to be constantly reminded. A baraa will always procrastinate from going to the gym and is known to shed its full head of hair when temperatures start to rise and/or during mating season.
Fares : Hey lets go. I'm late. I have to be back early so i can make it to my next class.
Nusser : Im ready.
Teymour : Allright... lets go.
The Baraa : Ok you guys wait for me. let me just take a "quick" shit.
Fares, Nusser, and Teymour (simultaneously) : we're gone!!!
by FRSNDY May 11, 2009
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