a bosnian (a country in europe) who listens to only hip hop and rap, wears phat farm, sean john, etc., rock tha new g-unit or jordans sneakers, and talk black, cuz that's how dey learned tha language, they got sum tite moves, cuz they kno how 2 dance! but usually dey mistaken fo bein white..which is a big no-no! -we come from tha gutta
any bosnian you'll eva meet is gon b a "B-angsta"... we aint gon b gothic, or preps, or skaters, no rock or britney spears...it's strait out tupac!-we comin out! B.I.H. (bosna i herzigovina)
by lil flave June 27, 2005
Top Definition
British guys trying to acts GANGSTA.
British Guy #1: "Wassup mate? Wanna grab some milk and cheerios?"

British Guy #2: "Yeah mate. Cus we bangsta!"

British Guy #1: "Wurd."
by BangstaFTW June 29, 2011
a person who is the master of banging a girl.
i got banged last night from the bangsta. the bangsta made me feel goooood!
by bangsta December 30, 2003
A male who has a preditory gangster approach to women, a womanizer. Quite often a wanna be stud.
Just because he hooked up with two woman this month he thinks he can act all bangsta.

He doesn't care about you he's a bangsta.
by bko123 February 09, 2009
Take off of "gangsta", a thug who fucks a lot of chicks, or can fuck over and over again.
"Man, James is STILL in there hittin that chick from the club last night? Muthafukka's a BANGSTA!"
by assbot4000 March 21, 2007
a really cool girl( usually of caucasian descent) with both names starting with the letter "b" who is not quite cool enough to know about swag and make up cool nicknames for herself.
A: " Dude, your friend Biley Balem is Soo cool!"
B: "Yeah, she's cool, but not THAT cool...shes a Bangsta."
by B-smallz May 24, 2011
a brown (indian) person trying to act gangsta
look at that bangsta!
by juhmaal March 13, 2008
A member or affiliate of a gang.
I'm a real ass mofuckin Daygo Bangsta bitch!
by Young Ceize August 16, 2005
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