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Tang, Michael
Michael Tang (You know who you are)
by A. Friend =þ December 23, 2003
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a bosnian (a country in europe) who listens to only hip hop and rap, wears phat farm, sean john, etc., rock tha new g-unit or jordans sneakers, and talk black, cuz that's how dey learned tha language, they got sum tite moves, cuz they kno how 2 dance! but usually dey mistaken fo bein white..which is a big no-no! -we come from tha gutta
any bosnian you'll eva meet is gon b a "B-angsta"... we aint gon b gothic, or preps, or skaters, no rock or britney spears...it's strait out tupac!-we comin out! B.I.H. (bosna i herzigovina)
by lil flave June 27, 2005
13 52