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the best website ever.
I want to fuck a bitch on Bangbus
by richard long April 21, 2003
150 127
An Anti-Personal Carrier. As in a US M3 Bradley.
Get in the bang bus, they are shooting at us.
by DesertWarrior May 27, 2010
40 23
A website for horney men to fuck hot ho's
Sahsa was the hottest bitch ever to ride the bangbus
by Dmessxpress June 03, 2003
93 87
A bus filled with C4 explosives and ball bearings
"In the news today, a bangbus was driven into the Spanish embassy at Baghdad, killing six and wounding thirty seven..."
by Peezee-Ark October 05, 2003
116 115
The addiction of taking huge amounts of honey, smear it over a man’s body and shove your hand up his ass.
Yesterday I did a bangbus with my neighbour.
by KnowItAl March 28, 2014
0 1
Pathetic website in which guys have sex with actors pretending to be strangers. Preferred by rape enthusiasts, horny old men, and Donald
Rumsfeld (just a guess there)
You actually paid to look at bangbus? Man, you are fucking pathetic!
by Dagon January 20, 2005
109 120
A term for a women that's built like a bus and can take a pounding. For example, Anna Nicole before she was fat. They aren't fat or petite.
"That bangbus sure can ****!"
"Anna Nicole was a bangbus before she was fat."
"Most black women are bangbuses."
by derek d June 19, 2006
15 51