A bus filled with C4 explosives and ball bearings
"In the news today, a bangbus was driven into the Spanish embassy at Baghdad, killing six and wounding thirty seven..."
by Peezee-Ark October 05, 2003
A website for horney men to fuck hot ho's
Sahsa was the hottest bitch ever to ride the bangbus
by Dmessxpress June 03, 2003
The addiction of taking huge amounts of honey, smear it over a man’s body and shove your hand up his ass.
Yesterday I did a bangbus with my neighbour.
by KnowItAl March 28, 2014
Pathetic website in which guys have sex with actors pretending to be strangers. Preferred by rape enthusiasts, horny old men, and Donald
Rumsfeld (just a guess there)
You actually paid to look at bangbus? Man, you are fucking pathetic!
by Dagon January 20, 2005
A term for a women that's built like a bus and can take a pounding. For example, Anna Nicole before she was fat. They aren't fat or petite.
"That bangbus sure can ****!"
"Anna Nicole was a bangbus before she was fat."
"Most black women are bangbuses."
by derek d June 19, 2006
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