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The Transit Bus Mafia(also known as Transit Bus Mafia, Inc.)is a groupe of people that specialize in the study of public transit. The Bus Mafia has it's turf all over the NYC area. You will find many TBMI members riding buses, trains, subways, and sometimes taxis. The Bus Mafia does not wear a specific color.
Fake ass crip #1: Yo cuz, lets start some shit!

Fake ass crip #2: Yea cuz, lets rob those guys chillin over there on that all black bus...

Fake ass crip #1: Gimme yo money cuz!

The Don of All Buses: Is he serious?!! let's show these fags that we don't play... KILL THOSE FAGGOT ASS BITCHES!!!

Transit Bus Mobster: *BANG!* They are dead...
The Don of All Buses: Nobody fucks with the Transit Bus Mafia,... NOBODY!!!
by The Don of All Buses August 30, 2008
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