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To Get It On Phrase Made Popular By The Band T-Rex
Hey Cat Daddy You Ready To Hit Up The Bar? Im Bout Ready To Bang A Gong.
by Evasion Romantica December 04, 2006
23 23
Sex. Popularized by the song of the same name by T.Rex. Specifically refers to penetrating deeply enough to hit the cervix.
My girl doesn't like it if I bang a gong too much, 'cause it makes her walk funny.
by T-Rex-a-Lot September 01, 2007
69 36
The act of snorting a line of Cocaine.
Wanna bang a gong of this eightball?
by Phillip H. Donahue December 06, 2003
54 44
1. Cheat for the popular game Gangsters 2
2. Nickname for a really dumb person
Gosh, he's so dumb, he's like Bangagong
by Karloman October 10, 2004
3 4