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Someone who looks like they could be in a band. E.g. Long hair, punk, etc. Could be anyone you see on the street, in a restaurant or coffeehouse.
That guy looks very bandish.
by Cafn8me March 18, 2011

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Someone that looks like they could be in a band, but may or may not be. Characterized by rocker/goth clothing, long hair (men), arrogance, and a rebellious facial expression (think Billy Idol's snarl). Bandish men often have a hairy chest that they're not shy about showing off.
Russell Brand, while not in a band, looks very bandish.
by cafn8me16 April 04, 2011
A species of bizzare humanoid creatures that have a unique gait and almost supernatural athletic and mental abilities.
Look at Andrew trying to kick the ceiling, he thinks he's a bandish!
by YouGuysTalkingAboutBrad? January 23, 2003