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adj. A hybrid of bad-ass and fancy. Most commonly used to describe a well-mannered gentleman who possesses some serious skills. Most bancy people are very calm and humble, and bancy is normally used as a third-person compliment (i.e. He/She is bancy, as opposed to you are bancy). Bancy can also never be obtained as a group, Real banciness can only be obtained through individual successes. Also, a cool first name is a trademark of bancy people. Bancy should only be used in sentences that end in an exclamation point.
"I'ma let you finish, but Kristofferson from The Fantastic Mr. Fox is the banciest cartoon character of all time!"

"'Who was that famous detective guy?'
'describe him.'
'He was bancy!'
'Sherlock Holmes?'
by Quelf leads to awesomeness. February 28, 2011
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