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I have always understood this to be a Vermont/New England term, deriving from "driving like a banshee".

Verb - 1.The act of driving very fast on a winding country road, preferably a dirt road. 2. The act of purposefully driving off the roadway and into a field, especially after much rain, where through decent pedal-work the vehicle can be made to spin, providing a fun ride and tearing hell out of the field.
"We were banchin' up Old Stage Road going wicked fast."

"Jeff's lawn was soaked after all that rain, so I went banchin' on it."

by vtneck February 27, 2009
To go extremely fast, almost of out of control.
I was watching the world cup race at Whistler, and Sam Hill came banching across the finish line and blew Steve Peat's time out of the water.
by konaclump21 February 13, 2009
Thought to have derived from the Hindi term for sister fucker Benchod or the American English curse word Bitch, banch is used more generically for a person or action performed by a person that will make you angry.
"You just pocketed my tip. Give it back, don't be a banch."
by HerbanEtymologist May 20, 2016
1) armpit or something very armpit-like in smell or appearance
2) word used to describe someone who is getting on your nerves
1) My banches smell awful today.
2) It is getting banchy in here!
3) He can be a real banch sometimes.
by swag123 April 22, 2011
A Pennsylvanian term used manily in southern PA that is slang for bitch. This term is widely used but mainly by the lacrosse crowd.
A- "Yo bro, that banch totally has those wristbands on cuz she doesnt want to cut her wrists on that bro's zipper while giving him a rub and a tug."

B-Yo bro, your so totally right. Maybe that banch will come over here."
by UltimatePALaxBro November 01, 2009
originated in Prunedale, CA. the term "banch" or the act of "banching" refers to bro's performing menial tasks with a certain gusto, elevating said task to the rank of "badass". most certainly, when told to "banch it", one must assume burt reynolds is watching every movement and should act accordingly to his want.
"Im banchin' down to Tom's liquor for a 32 pack of natty ice, you need anything, ma?"

"I banched Abbey Felchberger in the buttox, last night"

"i was banchin' out on old stage road in the yoder, snapped my fuckin rear axle. totally gay."
by hey. there. shittyshittyfagfag January 19, 2009
some one who is a combonation of a bitch and a wanch!
shut up banch! Smack my banch up!
by mosh master flex November 11, 2004
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