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When during mario kart you are struck in the face by a banana and wipe out due to this massive tube shaped object hitting you
Dude that monkey banana'd me
by Protagonistofatragedy136 May 03, 2010
The process of buying a shit ton of bananas at your local market. With these bananas, you then place them in obvious places in peoples properties. You can also (optional) write a message on the banana with sharpie.
I just banana'd that slut Abigail and drew a picture of a dick on it.
by Jesus Burkard June 26, 2014
to jack off on a car
Dude, I just banana'd a car!
by LTLs April 21, 2006
To be hit by, or to drive into a banana on mario kart: double dash.
Haha you got banana'd!
by Ditchol July 31, 2009