To stick a ripe banana in the ass.
I need to go to the bathroom and give myself a banana split.
by fatcat346 June 23, 2003
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1. a tasty, TASTY treat made with a Banana, ice cream, chocolate, caramel and strawberry toppings or something like them in some semblance of that order, with whipped cream, nut sprinkles, in a special Vessel called a Banana Boat. Made for eating on hot days in summer, or when the consumer feels crappy and needs victuals for oroesopha-Gastrointestinal comforting...

2. When pluralised, and preceded by the specific 'The', as The Banana Splits,
is a children's cartoon, that defies that description, given the content and the time (Late sixties vintage) that it was made...
tra la la, tra la la, tra la la!
Tra la la, tra la la, tra la la...
one banana, two banana....
You get the rest.
by J. Michael Reiter May 06, 2005
When you fuck a girl in the ass, fuck her tits and jizz on them. The dick is the banana, shit= chocolate, jizz=whipped cream, and her nipples are the cherries.
Damn, Becky must have been really horny when she requested that banana split...then she instantly regretted it when I asked her to eat it.
by mts311311 July 27, 2009
3 some involving white washed asian (banana), black girl (chocolate) and white girl (vanilla) with the 2 girls on top.
Hey ladies, care to join me for a banana split?
by shuang1705 December 09, 2010
The act of receiving oral from someone with a split tongue.
'You know the guy I've been dating, the one with the split tongue? He totally gave me a banana split yesterday, my clit's never been so well tongued!'
by #awkwardconvos February 26, 2014
In a sexual context : it involves inserting a (pealed) banana into a girls rectum prior to engaging in anal sex. Afterwards, a bowl is used to catch the result, a lukewarm mixture of jiz, mushed banana and excrement.
Doing a Banana split is quite popular in latin-american countries. A friend of mine did one in Cuba the other day.
by Demarates May 02, 2006
A rear-positioned oral sex style in which the vagina and anus are licked from the bent-over position. The name comes from the dessert, due to the way the sexual act looks when performed.
A woman receives a banana split from a lucky someone.
by Icepic March 21, 2011
When a male sits on desk, most likely old and you could see the shape of his penis and balls.
while in class...

ana, "look at the teacher crotch"

juju, "ughh thats nasty"

ana, "that looks like a banana split !"

juju "thats gross"

ana "hey shut up, thats your type of banana spilt"
by anabanana123 November 25, 2009

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