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When a person of asian decent has an extreme amount of fat around her thighs, legs, and ass, not limited to but including cottage cheese ass or just a sloppy Asian bitch. Asian equivalent of thunder thighs.
Eww that asian bitch has banana pudding
by EKuche March 14, 2011
Feeding someone pudding using only your erect or flaccid penis as the spoon.
She really liked the banana pudding I gave her last week. penis pudding
by John the self-loathing Giant April 15, 2011
Giving a girl banana pudding consists of several steps:
1. Fuck the girl with a peeled banana until it becomes mushy/ground.
2. Place banana paste into a bowl, and cum into said bowl.
3. Mix substance together and place onto dick.
4. Have girl suck your dick, in the process feeding her the banana pudding.
Yeah, last night I made my girl some banana pudding. She ate that strait up.
by Lawb Jobber January 19, 2009
you stick ya dick in some banana puddin then slap a bitch in the face wit it
banana pudding that bitch
by amber adam brock quinn November 19, 2007

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