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A person who wears tight yellow skinny jeans that has long legs is often called, "banana legs."
Andrew: Dude, look at those legs!
Matt: Yeah, she has banana legs!
by spiderleggies August 07, 2009
8 2
After smoking a lot of weed, the feeling one experiences in their legs. (numb, lazy, floaty type feeling).
- "Wow my banana legs are SO bad right now that I don't even want to walk to get food."
by TheChronicKingWes115 October 18, 2009
17 6
When someone's leg is split in half, separating the tibia and fibula up through the knee. Resulting in the appearance of 4 legs in total
Alex P was in a pretty bad car accident. He had banana legs.
by T10Alliance December 19, 2010
7 2
The term used to describe a person with leg muscle in the front (quadriceps) and none in the back (hamstrings). The legs lack curves appearing unshapely and similar to the shape of a banana.
She wouldn't have banana legs if she strength-trained her hamstrings.
by 1cubby1 July 15, 2011
3 1