A person who wears tight yellow skinny jeans that has long legs is often called, "banana legs."
Andrew: Dude, look at those legs!
Matt: Yeah, she has banana legs!
by spiderleggies August 07, 2009
Top Definition
After smoking a lot of weed, the feeling one experiences in their legs. (numb, lazy, floaty type feeling).
- "Wow my banana legs are SO bad right now that I don't even want to walk to get food."
by TheChronicKingWes115 October 18, 2009
When someone's leg is split in half, separating the tibia and fibula up through the knee. Resulting in the appearance of 4 legs in total
Alex P was in a pretty bad car accident. He had banana legs.
by T10Alliance December 19, 2010
The term used to describe a person with leg muscle in the front (quadriceps) and none in the back (hamstrings). The legs lack curves appearing unshapely and similar to the shape of a banana.
She wouldn't have banana legs if she strength-trained her hamstrings.
by 1cubby1 July 15, 2011
When you become so intoxicated that your legs physically became the shape of a banana and you can't walk.
Banana legs- Yeah Rayna got us kicked out last night because she was banana legging on the bouncer
by Banana legs June 13, 2015
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