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Fictional weapon wielded by administrators on a computer game server. Used as slang refering to someone being resricted from joining servers.
"Lol, you just showed him!"
"Yea, nice job weilding your banhammer!"
by Banhammer Evan May 07, 2008
1 - A symbol of violence and imaginary power over others, used by peniley-challenged jerks, at websites, to make themselves feel better about being so inadequate, and unliked by anybody

2 - a symbol used by bossy creeps at websites, to try and make you "fear their power" you're supposed to imagine they have...but really they have no power..or friends..because they are just assholes.

3 - a picture that should be thrust as far up the offending admin or mods nazi ass as possible, except they'd probably like it
by republicans.are.homos January 16, 2010
A banhammer is a fictional weapon imagined to be weilded by administrators of online forums and computer games. In some games, such as Blockland, there is an actual banhammer that can be wielded by admins.
N00B: afsdgoadfbhoa
N00B: aqmeriggnouisbnf
N00B: alhgedfghaerdghoaudfhg
Admin: *uses banhammer*
INFO: N00B has been banned for: "text spam"
by Ticamai January 09, 2010
1. A term for the command line used to remove a person from a chatroom/forum/team.

2. A weapon used on MMORPGs for the specific purpose of eliminating n00bs.
Dude, Anachros dropped the banhammer on me

Gripo-Con AKR 1K20? that's just my banhammer
by SirZat, That sexy beast March 13, 2005
The term 'using the ban hammer' is 'short' for banning someone, if you are an administrator or a moderator. It is more often used at forums.
VocaloidsRule: Hey, have you heard? NinjasRAwesome used the ban hammer on Kailuvshisporn!

KakashiHatake: Oh, what did he do?

VocaloidsRule: Post porn! Couldn't you guess from the name?
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
Weapon weilded by mods at Something Awful to kill accounts
Lowtax wields the banhammer with precision.
by Pidge May 26, 2003
A slang term substituted in for banning, or 'exiling' somebody from a chat channel. Also can be removed from other things, such as as a board, forum, team, etc; most often online.

Origins come from Starcraft where moderators were depicted with a hammer or maul as an Icon.
"3l1t3_PwN3r has left the channel."

Lol, that guy just got hit by the ban hammer!
by Coach_Z August 10, 2009