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The act of shoving a tennis racket up one's ass.
-in a tennis match-
Shaun~God dammit! I missed again!
Sally~Haha you suck!
Shaun~Imma bame you, bitch!
Sally~*gets bamed*
by rawrr:P May 25, 2009
Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic
Labour's newest shadow cabinet is 42% women, 6% BAME, and 6% openly LGBT
by prettyrad October 07, 2011
A name for a dope nigga with an Ill style.
when you see a "bame" graffiti piece on a wall, you see how fresh and stylish it is.
by Tima June 02, 2006
When you are out to lunch with your co-workers and need ruin the bathroom with a serious deuce prior to returning to the office.
"Dude, lunch at Senora Tacos was awesome but my stomach just dropped - I gotta bames before we go back to the office!"
by marton85 January 11, 2012
A combination of being both "bad" and "lame"
Wow that movie we just watched was totally bame
by Rothinator April 18, 2009

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