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Having sex with a condom and the condom slips off inside the person. This is known as a Baltimore Suitcase because the person with the condom in them has to unpack the soiled latex.

The term is derived from the once famous Lady Baltimore luggage line.
I was frightened when I was almost finished with her because I left a Baltimore Suitcase exposing me to a potential STD.
#condoms #sex #sex slang #baltimore #safe sex
by X man D May 26, 2006
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A Baltimore Suitcase is performed when the woman is lying on her back with her hands under her thighs pulled tightly to her chest. The man is fucking her in the ass or pussy while wearing a condom. When he blows his load he leaves the condom inside.
I was cutting my girlfriend and accidentally gave her a Baltimore took her two hours to get the bags unpacked.
#sex #positions #condom #kamasutra #sick things
by D-MAN-X April 26, 2006
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