The act of ones balls or testicles forgetting the feel of female contact.
"dude.. did you know mormon missionaries have to stay sober from chicks?!"
" yeah man.. i bet those guys have some gnarly ballzheimers.."
by two ween teen October 18, 2011
When your lady want's to know something and you don't want to tell her until you get the Pinch and Roll (see definition) you say I am sorry I cannot remember because I have Ballzheimer's.

She will take the cue and you will get Pinch and Roll whilst telling her some made up story that will keep her going for an hour.
Man: Something very interesting happened today, you wouldn't believe it.
Lady: What?
Man: I can't quite remember I seem to be suffering from Ballzheimer's.
Lady: OK unzip your pants and tell me...
by Shaun Taylor! August 20, 2009

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