1- A word used to show discontent. Synonyms include "fiddle sticks" or "God damnit!"
2- A word used to show suprise. Synonyms include "What the?" "Jesus Christ!" and "Holy Shit!!!"
1- Manager: Yeeeah, so bob called in sick, so i'm gonna have to ask you to work another shift.

Disgruntled Employee: Oh balls!

2. Friend who sees a bird about to fly at his friend: WATCH OUT!

Startled Friend: HOLY BALLS
by Michael Grab July 10, 2008
1. something every man should have
2. fun to scream in large crowds
1. She sucked his balls snd dick until he came on her face.
2. He screamed balls and everyone waiting for the subway looked around.
by I Love Round Things June 16, 2008
1. A man's testicles, sperm gets made there
2. Courage
3. Something you yell out for no reason

Original meaning that seems to have been erased from existence: A small, spherical object used for sports
1. Jane kicked Jeff in the balls really hard.
2. He didn't have the balls to jump out the helicopter.
3. Random guy 1: "BALLS!"
Random guy 2: "....The hell is wrong with you?"
by A steaming cup of potato semen March 26, 2013
Round and spherical objects.
Oooh, 3D circle spheres!
They're balls!
by sega31098 October 20, 2011
The plural form of a spherical object, often used for entertainment.
Let's go outside and play with the balls!

We played with large balls in gym class today!
by LaurenCaroline May 30, 2007
Yo man ball is life
by jonsmith69 July 06, 2015
Big, soft, squishy, delicate, and important spherical-ish organs that hang a couple inches below a male's penis. They are kept in a nut sack to regulate the cooler temperature that they need to create sperm. If you hit them on a guy, it is very painful. Guys usually like it when girls feel them and rub them and suck on them.
Oh man, Jenna sucked my balls today and it felt sooo good.
by Bananaandbeans September 05, 2012

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