The plural form of a spherical object, often used for entertainment.
Let's go outside and play with the balls!

We played with large balls in gym class today!
by LaurenCaroline May 30, 2007
plural of the word ball, an spherical object used for play
hey look over there, there are balls. a basketball, football, and a tennis ball
by Jacob Twertz July 31, 2006
Round and spherical objects.
Oooh, 3D circle spheres!
They're balls!
by sega31098 October 20, 2011
where the sperm is brewed
Person 1: Hey, this is tasty, what is it?

Person 2: That's just the sperm that I made in my balls.
by Doctor of Medicine March 01, 2011
Nickname of an elderly fellow employee given because of his testicular size and ability to stand up for his opinions.
I'm glad Balls is on the insurance committee...he won't take any crap from anyone!

Balls is gonna need surgery on his left's pretty swollen.
by Chuck Butler September 10, 2008
adj. meaning extremely, or incredibly

used to emphasize extremes in a situation
it is balls cold outside!

that bitch's vag was balls dirty! i told her to put her pants back on and dont sit on my furniture.

I was balls wasted and tried picking up my physics teacher at the bar not even realizing it!

those twins look balls alike. i say "you want ice cream cone?" they BOTH say yes.
by Amy Christ March 05, 2008
1) Where sperm is made ... to suck, lick or bang with. this is called sex or masterbation. 2) A males house 3) a males sex organ along with the penis
My girlfriend sucked my dick as she rubbed my BALLS!
by Anonymous April 17, 2003

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