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Excellent, great, fantastic, boffo, cool(usually with "the" as in "the balls
I just won the lottery; aint that the balls!
by Brian May 01, 2003
Somewhat difficult or unpleasant
"Quit being so ball, little dickhead"
by Jza February 06, 2004
when one is making a false statement, or you believe that they are lying about something.
"You and Kim had sex on the first date? Yeah, Balls."
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
A exclamation used to describe somthing good or fortunate to your self or another.

(new definition from Chris from Washington)
"dude i got an A+ on my test, Balls!"
by Marleck September 26, 2005
more than "tits"; often used when describing the weather
It's balls cold out, man.
by Hairy Jerry August 19, 2005
Drug slang that refers to cotton balls used to absorb heroin cooked in a spoon, taken up through an intravenous needle rig and prepared for a shot of heroin shot.

(She's) climbing up the walls, shootin' all my balls...( from Johnny Thunders song 'Too much Junkie Business'
by Oldpunk September 28, 2005
What Barack Hussein Obama completely lacks.
President Obama could not be reached for comment due to him having Vladimir Putin's balls in his mouth.
by hideous blob September 01, 2014