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When someone gets overly excited or upset about an event, person, or object, resulting in excessive talking and/or douchebag behavior.
Did you see shaggy today? He wouldn't stop talking about that molly chick he fucked at the party last night.

Yeah man, he goes balls and wieners for that girl.
by BabY PumPKiN February 17, 2009
Its alternatve for agreeing with something or "What are you going to do?".
Josh: "I hate the F'n Clippers"
Matt: "Balls and Wiener man"

Matt: "My boss thinks I smoke weed"
Josh: *shrugs shoulders* "Balls and Wiener"

Josh: "I think my boss and another boss are totally doing it."
Matt: "Balls and wiener"
by NooBawls&G_Zis May 15, 2014