The occurrence in which a woman's spandex (or other tight-fitting article of clothing) constrict her labia so independently to such a degree that they appear to be a tiny set of testicles.
"Oh, my, God, Becky, did you see that girl at the gym with the blue spandex??"

"YEEEESSS! They totally gave her a BALLGINA!"
by Ballgina Man December 02, 2009
Top Definition
A sexual organ in which the vagina is in conjuction with a pair of testicles hanging off the bottom.
Morris a has skanky ballgina that attracts flies and sewer rats.
by Morris is gay March 22, 2006
A condition that affects French/Bulgarian teenagers. One has balls connected to a vagina.
Sophie tucks in her ballgina when she's cold.
by Macaroons November 14, 2011
A person, should have been feternal twins, has a ball sack hanging out of said persons very loose vaginal area.
"Doctor, what is it?"
- "Well, it appears the gender of your child is uncertain, it has a ballgina"
by I-MADE-THIS-FOR-YOU March 08, 2011
When a man has absolutely no idea about his pants size and wears pants that are way too small or tight. The act of hunting or searching for this is commonly referred to as a Ballgina Safari.
Person 1: Is that guy over there really wearing spandex?!?
Person 2: Yup, his ballgina is showing too. :-/
by OMGWTFITS August 14, 2012
when a man's testicles ("balls") crawl into a mans body forming a vagina. Usually because he's too weak and scared to have a confront a situation.

When a man takes on the unflattering traits and stereotypes of a women.
Not having the nerve to discuss a pending promotion, my boss formed a ballgina.

That asshole actually broke up with me with a text. Man's totally got a ballgina.
by VATexan April 04, 2010
When balls retract either due to extreme cold or to purposeful abuse (i.e. kicking by an angry female) and have such little to show of themselves as to resemble the lips of a vagina.
After she kicked me in the balls, they took so long to come back down I felt like I had a ballgina.
by Superduperballgina October 11, 2009
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