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an organization that consists of the nouns: PandaR, Hinsonhui, and KelvinMak. If you don't know who they are, please look them up right now on this website. PandaR, being the start of ideas, the ideas go to KelvinMak (because he notices weird crap), then he upgrades it, and even publishes a new inside joke, or some other things such as posted on . Nonetheless, the other ballslicer, hinsonhui, is a copyright and sometimes makes up copyrights or propagands ballslicerz's terms/inside jokes. This is the organization system of the BallslicerZ. They also have a Ventrilo channel named: BallSlicerZ, the password is the usual one for their organization. This organization was derived from the term: "Can i Just Slice my balls off?"
EX of the ballslicerz: (1 week ago, kelvin was being a dick and kept saying "k..?" during tennis which pissed off panda)
Panda: k..?
Kelvin: LOL CAN YOU STOP BEING ME? WAIT, we can start using that to piss people off LOL...
Panda: k..?

(next day Kelvin says "k..?" in vent but hinson thinks its spelled "..k?" so he says that)
Hinson: ..k?
Panda: WTF? HINSON'S COPYING US? and its "k..?" retard.
Hinson: ..k?
Kelvin: he kind of copied us but made it gayer?
Panda: k..?
by pandaboyx September 21, 2009
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